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Are you a non-profit ministry organization with a heart to share the Hope of Christ with our Nation’s First Responders? Alliance Membership is here to support you!

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Membership is not just about what you’ll receive. It’s an opportunity to unite and grow a movement together.

Find a Community

Connect with other nonprofit leaders, church ministries, and individuals in a united community, working to serve first responders and sharing the hope of Christ.

Access Coaching

Coaching, courses, resources, and individualized support are available for non-profit members to strengthen their organization’s effectiveness and impact.

We Have an Opportunity to Have a Greater Impact for First Responders

We encourage organizations to join the Alliance to enjoy the benefits of working with a community of like-minded people. Within the Alliance, we all have a desire to reach the first responders in their communities and across the nation with the hope of Christ.

Through the Alliance, we provide opportunities for collaboration among organizations, churches, and individuals, all for a greater Kingdom impact. One of the key ways we do this is through the Alliance Directory which enables us to bring awareness to your organization and the work that the Lord has called you into and provide a searchable, location or service-based directory for first responders and other organizations.

There is much work to do so more first responders and their family members can be reached with the hope that can only be found in Christ. You can help us to further our mission and build a collaboration among ministries and organizations serving first responders.

Is your organization interested in joining the Alliance? Fill out the Membership Application below to start the process.

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Your Call as a First Responder

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“Christians and Officers need to come together even more by seeking God and His will. Looking for hope and encouragement in this world or in those trying to lead it will leave you empty and burned out. Real hope must be found and experienced in a personal walk with Jesus.”

-Current WA Police Detective of 10 Years